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DF30 – DF36 – DF48 – DF60 DF30-3 – DF36-3 – DF48-3 – DF60-3 DF30-4 – DF36-4 – DF48-4 – DF60-4

Wolf Appliance Common Problems


• Natural or LP gas rangetop with dual convection electric oven(s) • Small 18-inch oven on 48-inch dual fuel range is single convection • Stainless steel exterior finish • Platinum bezel surrounds all knobs, Chrome and Bronze optional • Option of Red or Black knobs • Dual stacked sealed 15,000 burners with automatic re-ignition at all settings • Dual stacked burners all have simmer capabilities • Melt feature on one 9,200 Btu burner • 11” or 22” 15,000 BTU (13,000 BTU – LP) Griddle with Infrared burner(s) and safety shut off system • 11” or 22” 16,000 BTU Charbroiler with Infrared burner(s) • 22” 15,000 BTU French Top burner with safety shutoff system • Continuous cast iron porcelain top grates • Pivoting touch control panel • Coaxial temperature displaying oven knob • Eight cooking modes • Bake Mode • Bake Stone Mode (30” and 36” cavities only) • Broil Mode • Convection Mode • Convection Bake Mode • Convection Broil Mode • Convection Roast Mode • Roast Mode • Proof Mode (18” only) • Self-cleaning oven(s) • Dehydration Feature • Proof Feature (30” and 36” cavity) • Delayed Start Feature • Probe Feature • Sabbath Feature • Spring/damper door system • Temperature probe • Full extension bottom rack • Hidden bake element • Oven door windows and dual halogen lighting • Blue porcelain oven interior • Adjustable stainless steel legs in front and adjustable rear casters • Optional Bake Stone • High altitude conversion kit available for units installed above 8,000 feet • Two and five year residential warranty • CSA certified for US and Canada

Gas Requirements
Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges are manufactured to work with natural gas or LP gas (Liquid Propane gas). The model / serial rating plate, located on the bottom of the control panel assembly just above the oven door on the far right, has information on the type of gas that should be used. If this information does not agree with the type of gas available, check with the local gas supplier.

Natural Gas Manifold Pressure
Standard natural gas orifices on the appliance are set for 5” WC (Water Column Pressure).

Liquid Propane Manifold Pressure
The standard propane gas orifices on the appliance are set for 10” WC (Water Column Pressure).

Gas Supply Line Size
• 3/4 inch rigid pipe to the range location • For LP gas, piping or tubing size can be 1/2″ minimum.

NOTE: A smaller size pipe on long runs may result in insufficient gas supply.

Gas Pressure Regulator
To control and maintain a uniform gas pressure in the gas manifold, Wolf gas appliances must be connected to the gas supply line through a pressure regulator. The burner orifices are sized for the pressure delivered by the regulator. Never attempt to operate a Wolf gas appliance without the use of the proper pressure regulator.

Gas Shut-off Valve
The supply line must be equipped with an approved shut-off valve. This valve should be located in accordance to all national, local codes and ordinances.

Leak Testing
Use a brush and liquid detergent to test all gas connections for leaks. Bubbles around connections will indicate a leak. If a leak appears, shut off gas valve controls and adjust connections. Then check connections again. Clean all the detergent solution from the range.

An electronic leak detector can also be utilized to test for leaks.


Supply Line Connection:
• All connections must be wrench-tightened. Do not make connections to gas piping too tight. Making the connection too tight may crack regulator and cause a gas leak. Do not allow pipes to turn when tightening fittings, tubing in the burner box may also bend and begin to leak. • Assemble flexible metal connector from gas supply pipe to pressure regulator. Determine fittings required, depending on size of gas supply line, flexible metal connector and shut-off valve. • Use a pipe-joint compound made for use with natural and LP gas. If flexible metal connector is used, be sure tubing is not kinked.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Part IdentificationMaterialCare Recommendation
Burner PanExterior Finish Porcelain SteelGeneral care: Use a clean cloth or sponge, wipe with warm water and mild detergent. Rinse and dry immediately. Apply protective polish, always in the same direction. Spray degreaser: Removes fingerprints and greasy spatters. Spray on a cloth and wipe surface. Buff dry immediately to avoid streaking. Protective polish: Apply to surface to maintain luster and protect from some food stains Hard water stains: Use white vinegar and water.
Burner CapPorcelain Enamel (matte finish) Never wipe a warm or hot porcelain surface with a damp sponge; it may cause chipping or crazing (tiny hair-like cracks)Cool first. Wash in warm water with liquid detergent or mild abrasive cleaners. Foods high in acid or sugar content, such as milk, tomatoes, sauerkraut, fruit juices and pie filling, may pit or craze the surface. Remove as soon as possible. Do not cook the spill on again.
Burner GratesPorcelain-Coated Cast IronRemove from cooktop and place on a flat surface near the sink. Non-abrasive cleaners: Hot water and liquid detergent, paste of baking soda and water, plastic pad or sponge. Mild abrasive and abrasive cleaners: Use sparingly.
Control KnobsMetalGeneral care: Wipe each knob with a damp cloth and mild soap and water; rinse and dry. Never soak or use abrasive cleaners; they will scratch the finish and remove the markings.
Spark IgnitersCeramicKeep dry. Never spray water or cleaner directly on the igniter. When cleaning around the surface burner, be careful that the cloth does not catch on the igniter and damage it.
Blank-Off Plate (If Applicable)Stainless SteelWash with hot water and detergent. Use a soapfilled scouring pad to remove as much cooked-on soil as possible. The plate will turn a metallic blue color due to high heat; this is a permanent change.
Charbroiler FrameStainless SteelRemove from the range. Soak in hot water and dish detergent. Wash thoroughly, scrubbing with scouring pad, if needed. Rinse and dry.
GratePorcelain Coated Cast IronWhen cool, lift off and set in the sink. Pour very hot water over the cooked-on residue. Cover with wet dish towels and pour more hot water over it. Allow the hot, moist conditions time to help loosen the residue. Remove remaining soil with a soapfilled scouring pad. Rinse and dry
IgniterCeramicAvoid contact with the igniter; it is fragile and can chip or break.
Mesh Screen (If Applicable)Stainless Steel WireUse a wire brush to loosen any charred food particles.
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