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Viking Refrigerator Error Codes

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The control unit of your Viking refrigerator monitors the vital components of the unit. If a fault is detected, the digital display presents an error code to help locate and repair the issue.

The first step to resolving any issue is to verify the error is legitimate. To verify an error code, you will need to reboot the refrigerator.

To reboot your refrigerator:

Unplug the refrigerator from the wall or turn off power to the outlet at the circuit breaker.
Wait five minutes.
Return power to the refrigerator.

If the error code returns, it is a legitimate error. Refer to the following chart for further troubleshooting assistance.

Error Code Detection

The microprocessor in the control continually monitors critical refrigeration system components for proper operation. If component parameters exceed normal operating specifications, an audible alarm will sound six (6) times every minute and the display will automatically flash the respective error code. If multiple errors are noted with the unit, the error codes will be displayed sequentially.

Warning Alarm

The Tru Protect™ system will inform you if the unit is not functioning properly. It provides both visual and audible alerts if the temperature rises above or falls below the set temperature, if there is a power failure, or if the door is left ajar.

1. Door Ajar: If the door is left open for more than five (5) minutes, an audible alarm will sound three (3) times every 30 seconds and the LED light will flash green. This will stop as soon as the door is closed.
2. High and Low Temperature: If the unit reaches a temperature either above or below the set point temperature for more than one (1) hour, an audible alarm will sound six (6) times every minute and the LED will flash red. This will continue until the alarm is reset. The alarm may occur when changing set-points in excess of 10 degrees F and/or high usage which is normal.
3. Power Failure: If the unit experiences a power failure, the LED will flash amber. This will continue until the alarm is reset. With a power failure, no audible signal is heard. The alarm may occur upon initial installation which is normal since the unit was run at the factory to verify quality.

Resetting the Alarms

Close door to reset Door Ajar alarm. Press the “ON/OFF” button for approximately one (1) second to reset all other audible and display alarms.

NOTE: Although pressing the “ON/OFF” button will reset the alarms, the alarm will resume if the “alarm condition” still exists.

Service Diagnostics Mode
Service Diagnostics Mode allows you to identify the firmware and software versions, test status of “model specific” system components and sensors, and change state of components where applicable (i.e. – compressor on/off, etc…).

EdFailed defrost temperature sensorIt will be necessary to locate and replace the failed part.

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